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Greg Gutfeld on woke schools in America

By on May 28, 2021 0 308 Views

You’ve heard a lot about “systemic racism” in the media. America is systemically racist — and if you don’t agree, then you’re proof of the problem.

It’s an accusation that prevents you from mounting a defense.

Which leads to actual systemic racism in our education system, as it pretends to eradicate hate.

One New York City School has asked parents to rank their actual whiteness from white supremacy to white abolitionist. How’s that not systemic racism? And if you disagree, aren’t you also proof of the problem?

Meanwhile, the Oregon Department of Education concluded that asking students to “show their work” in math class is evidence of white supremacy.

This would all be laughable. If it weren’t so damaging. On global math rankings, America is 25th. And who’s on top in reading science and math? China.

So instead of lessons in something that matters, we let wokadiles gobble up our kids.

Then there are the woke teachers who have probably never read Shakespeare, demanding that they cut him from courses — because Willie is a tool of white oppression.  Why? Because he’s white. It’s really that simple!

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